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Hello, I’m Allison Volk. I’m an actress, screenwriter and film producer in SoCal.


My mission as an artist is to re-shape the way women are perceived in the collective consciousness – and a huge part of that re-shaping can be done through the media we create and consume.

I want to see women on screen who inspire us to take risks and give us permission to mess up. I want female characters who are flawed, who struggle to own their unique feminine perspective and ultimately come out victorious. I want real, gutsy, unapologetic women on screen, and I want them now, which is why I’ve given myself wholeheartedly to writing, producing and acting in work that aligns with my mission.


Women are the largest untapped resevoir of talent in the world.

- hillary clinton


It’s up to us as women to own our power, our intuitive magic and our compassionate, life-giving energy. That’s where the change begins, and we're so lucky to be alive during a time when we get to be part of it.

Thanks for stopping by. If you're in alignment with this mission, I can't wait to meet you and create something beautiful.


Much love,

Allison Volk


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