Deany Bean is Dead to Premiere with Dances with Films

On June 16th, 2018 at 2:45 pm, Allison's new dark romantic comedy feature film, Deany Bean is Dead, will premiere at the TCL Chinese Theaters as part of the 21st annual Dances with Films Festival. 

Tickets will be available May 18th. 

Directed/Produced by: Mikael Kreuzriegler
Written/Produced by: Allison Marie Volk

Allison Marie Volk
Colin T Martin
Christopher Glenn Cannon
Wendy Wilkins
Sarah Siadat
Paul Tigue
Melanie Leanne Miller


When a 30-something who is hopelessly hung-up on her ex-boyfriend accidentally ends up at his house during his engagement party, she decides to sabotage everything and win him back - a plan that is hampered by the fact that she keeps the dead body of her abusive boss hidden in her car out front.

DEANY (30) is awkward, weirdly preoccupied with death, and on the brink of an emotional meltdown after a difficult breakup with her ex-boyfriend, TOM (36). When Deany’s boss, MAXINE (50), fires her after a minor infraction (Deany orders the wrong lunch for the deathly nut-allergic Maxine) and continues to verbally abuse her on the way out, Deany finally snaps and strangles Maxine – arguably in self-defense to the aggression.

Panicked, Deany does what any clever woman still in possession of her ex-boyfriend’s house keys would do: she decides to bury the body in his backyard. As Deany regularly stalks Tom’s house and Facebook account, she is well aware that Tom is on a Peruvian adventure with his new girlfriend, ANGELA (35). In other words: the house is empty. However, just as Deany is about to break ground in Tom’s backyard, the garden lights flip on and Angela appears. Tom and Angela have unexpectedly returned in order to host a dinner party that very night to announce their recent engagement. Angela misunderstands Deany’s presence in the backyard, and – to Tom’s displeasure – Deany finds herself a guest at the party, with dead Maxine still lying in the trunk of her car.