Featured Projects

I started writing, producing and starring in film projects at 26 and I don't think I'll ever stop. Here are some of my selected favorite projects. 


Innocent Sleep

A married couple dealing with the emotional trauma of losing a child plan a murder during a dinner party in their home. 

Starring Allison Volk*, Colin Martin, Gregory Linington. Directed by Brooke Bishop.

Premiered at the Los Angeles Independent Filmmakers Forum in 2016.

*Winner Best Actress Utah Film Awards 2017


Othello (short)

A conniving villain plots to destroy her boss by convincing him that his wife is cheating. A short adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello. 

Starring Allison Volk, Peter Nikkos, Colin Martin. Directed by Mikael Kreuzriegler. 

Premiered at Kenneth Branagh's Shakespeare in Film Festival in Stratford-upon-Avon, England in 2014. 


Last ditch therapy (short)

A married couple on the brink of divorce make one final effort to salvage their marriage and pay a visit to an unconventional therapist.

Starring Rob Zabrecky, Allison Volk, Mat Wright. Directed by Mariana Ladas. Written by Allison Volk. 

Premiered at the Budapest International Shorts Festival in 2013 and won the California Film Award in 2013.